30Avenue Welcomes Roselie Dining & Seafood Bar


Roselie Dining and Seafood Bar is where fine dining meets the laid back life of the beach. The just-opened restaurant at 30Avenue in Inlet Beach showcases South Walton’s most valuable asset, the Gulf. Roselie’s menu highlights an incredible aquatic bounty along with locally-sourced dishes and handmade pastas.

Roselie is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Chef Kevin Korman and his wife Angela. The couple met, fell in love and started their life together in SoWal, and their passion for food, family and hospitality is apparent. The restaurant's name comes from combining their daughters' names – Rosalyn and Eleanor. The Kormans are eager to bring an upscale dining experience that is approachable yet surprising. Roselie welcomes the whole family, both young and old, to experience Chef Korman’s inventive approach to modern American cuisine.

The menu at Roselie brings a dining experience that is anything but ordinary. Each dish has a story to tell, whether it be the item’s origin, a personal food memory, a color or its unique presentation. The ever-changing menu showcases global flavors and reflects the current season and the area’s local artisans that produce the ingredients used.

Small composed seafood plates like Snapper (Granny Smith Apple, Tomatillo, Jalapeno, Lime, Cilantro), Royal Red Shrimp (Tangerine, Cucumber, Chili) and Yellowfin Tuna (Pickled Peppers, Heart of Palm, Avocado, Quinoa, Barrel Aged Soy & Citrus) will shine on the menu at the Seafood Bar and offer guests a way to experience fresh, unexpected flavors from the Gulf through a variety of ceviche and marinated seafood items.

“As a chef we have a moral obligation to serve fresh food that is obtained from ethically responsible sources. That’s why I support so many local farmers and fisherman whenever possible,” says Kevin.

Heritage Pork (Vegetable Mole, Creamy Corn & Farro, Cotija), Rigatoni (Shrimp & Heritage Pork, Chili, Herbs, Peanuts) and Cavatelli (Braised Duck, Sweet Potato, Rapini, Ricotta, Pistachio) will soon be signatures to the menu that have guests flocking to Roselie for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Chef Korman is known for reinventing classics by using alternative preparations and presentations which can be seen in items like “Trash fish” of the Day (Summer Squash Succotash, Sunflower Seed, Old Bay Mustard) where he takes a less-common fish that is often outcast by fisherman and chefs and constructs a beautiful plate that will tempt taste buds. The “trash fish” of the Day is an example of how Chef Korman encourages diners to think outside the box and try the unusual.

The culinary program at Roselie might be the star of the show, however the bar and beverage program is equally thought out and delivered. The beverage program aligns perfectly with the seasonality of the food menu – everything is fresh, in-season and hail from local purveyors. The farmers' market-style cocktail list features fresh fruit juice cocktails and handcrafted spirits. Roselie offers beers local to the South on draft as well as a mix of foreign and domestic bottled selections. The wine list is made up of a variety of producers who respect artisanal techniques to wine making and is offered by the glass, bottle or carafe.

On Friday evenings this summer, Chef Korman will do what he does best and offer guests an inventive chef’s tasting menu available only at the seafood bar. This limited edition dinner will consist of an eight-course menu featuring seasonal farm-to-fork items crafted in Chef Korman’s inventive style for $89 with an additional $45 wine pairing option. Only eight guests will be invited to this special dinner each week, so be sure to make a reservation to reserve a seat. For reservations or additional information, call (850) 909-0400 or visit the restaurant online at roseliedining.com.

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