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Chef Kevin Korman has never held much interest in what’s been done before. We’ve seen this as he’s brought innovative angles on dishes to 30A for half a decade. And now, later this month, Chef and his wife Angela are excited to bring their own vision to fine dining with the opening of Roselie in Inlet Beach.

Roselie Dining & Seafood Bar will bring fresh twists to locally sourced products as well as concepts of dining that haven’t ever been done on 30A before: a relaxed atmosphere serving upscale cuisine. And central to it all will be a true family-friendly ambiance. They want this restaurant to welcome everyone.

The name Roselie combines their two daughters’ names (Rosalyn and Eleanor) but the business is also energized by a devoted culinary team that operates like a family themselves. (You see, Chef Korman’s leadership dovetails nicely with the theme of Roselie too.)

Unique to any other fine dining in the area, Roselie will have a dedicated kid-friendly space with a small television, activity board, and small tables and chairs for coloring and playing. The goal is for kids to enjoy themselves while their parents do too!

If you’ve experienced Chef Korman and his team’s food in the past, then you know their astute attention to detail and ability to elevate great ingredients into something even greater. The restaurant will highlight Modern American food with plenty of fresh seafood and homemade pasta. “When people go out they want to have something they don’t make at home” Chef explained.

Local relationships drove the menu development and Roselie will source its seafood from gulf fishermen and its produce and proteins from regional farmers like Twin Oak Farms. Dishes such as Heritage Pork served with a vegetable mole, creamy summer corn and farro and finished with cotija cheese will grace the menu.

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